Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 5 - TRACTING!!

Dear Family/Friends

Hey sorry I didn't send an email last week…but I am sending one now though! Everything here is going great! The members are awesome and they love to feed us! Everyone hear knows its my birthday this Wednesday because apparently you (mom) said something about it recently? Also are you seeing all the pictures of me on the Missionary Moms website? That is weird that so many people hear are doing that all the time. 

We did a lot of tracting this week it was crazy! We walked for two days straight and that is all we did. I guess its me getting used to walking in India! I wont have the luxury of having a car there. 

We had this really cool experience yesterday where we were driving to a members house and my trainer and I both looked at each other and said to pull over to this road. We then talked to this lady named Diana that was at the end of the road.  She  was really interested in learning about what we had to share so we are teaching her on Tuesday!  Hopefully, that will give us another investigator so we will have two!   I know its sad we only have two but we also have these things call ITL's which are “Invitations To Learn”.  Every time we invite someone to learn of Christ it counts as one and we have over 10 every day so we know we are spreading the word! It can be hard getting people that are interested to hear more. 

 Everything else this week has been meetings and less active visits. It is hard trying to bring someone back to church because they have very strong opinions on everything!  I love the pictures of Wesley that Katie sent me! I cant believe I am a uncle! Its crazy! 

 I miss you a lot Mom. Everytime I clean or do laundry I become more thankful for everything you have done, so thank you Mom! You made my life so much easier when I was home and I never realized it that much. Ummm something you can do this week is prepare for General Conference!   Well I have to go!  


-Elder Kulkarni

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