Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 2 - MTC cont...

The MTC has been great but i am so ready to leave and be able to teach the people of New Hampshire! In my patriarchal blessing, it tells me that i will be serving another assignment to gain experience before I can go and further serve the Lord. I think what it was referring to was going to New Hampshire and gaining experience there. I know there is a reason that I am going and some person or family is just waiting for me to teach them about the message of Christ. I cant believe how much my testimony has grown since I have been here. I have learned for a fact, without a doubt in my mind, that this church is true and that I need to be out here serving the Lord. I have also realized something today. My teacher told us that this isn't our mission. It is the Lords mission. We are not doing this for us. We are doing this for the Lord. That is why I am still out here. If I was doing it for me, I would be home by now because i would be selfish and want to care for myself. But I cant do that. I am on the Lord's time now and doing what the Lord wants. His will is my will.

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